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Nicholas Hundley, MS, CNS

To contact me, email me at support-at-mindwhale-dot-com. I look forward to hearing from you!

You can also find me at where I practice as a nutritionist.

–Nicholas Hundley

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  1. Appreciate your information here SO VERY MUCH! YES and desperately needed thing, all this.

    I myself have bad GENES…all 3 “mood disorder genes” and 4 of the 5 pharmacologic genes no workie, so can’t tolerate most drugs. AND a very traumatizing childhood. So my life was made SO hard due to severe Panic Disorder. But with careful diet and ever-increasing dependance on the Lord’s Spirit in me, i am ok all these years. YOUR article here on FOODS that contain Methylfolate is SO HELFUL……..the ONLY list i’ve found! EVERYBODY says take supplements. They gave me Deplin years ago and it dang near did me IN and did NOT help. So determined to try these foods.

    alllllllllllll the blah blag just to say THANK YOU and KEEP GOIN!!!!



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