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Precise Treatment Requires Understanding Root Causes

MindWhale’s mission is to help you enjoy a more productive, rewarding, and happy life, whether you have a diagnosed mental illness or just want to improve your life experience. The concepts here will help almost anyone, especially those struggling with depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, and other mental illness.

This site is designed to educate you and your mental health provider about the root causes of mental illness from a scientific and holistic perspective. The concepts are compiled in a way not easily found anywhere else. Scientific studies are pieced together to form advanced theories of brain imbalance your provider can use to deliver precise interventions that support the health of your brain.

A Healthy Brain is a Happy Brain

When root cause contributors to mental health are taken into consideration, the resulting improvements in mood, cognition, productivity, happiness, and relationship success are substantial. A healthy brain is a happy brain.

Unfortunately, current approaches to mental health do not take into account the latest scientific discoveries in brain science, nutrition, immunology, hormones, etc, instead relying on one-size-fits-all drug approaches that often don’t work or cause unwanted side effects.

Talk Therapy

Additionally, many people bear months or years of talk therapy without results when their primary problem may be biological. Therapy is not only effective but can be essential. However, the success of therapy requires a healthy, functioning brain that can integrate new psychological processes. Otherwise, therapy just won’t “stick.” An individual suffering from a physically sick brain doesn’t just need talk therapy: they need their physical issues addressed.


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