Why I Started Blogging at MindWhale

I’m blogging at MindWhale because I’ve come to see the effects of what lies beneath the surface of consciousness and how the subconscious determines our feelings, outcomes and circumstance.

I started this blog after multiple personal and career failures due to anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, and lack of focus. I’ve experienced severe relationship dysfunction due to erroneous emotional beliefs about myself, the world, and those around me. Only slowly did I realize I could delve deeply within and fundamentally change emotional patterns at the root.

The ocean of emotion, consisting primarily of subconscious patterns, is a mysterious phenomenon whose waves I rode desperately and helplessly, tossed around by anxiety, depression, fear, and frustration.

This blog is intended to help people change mental patterns, beliefs, habits, and even neurological biochemistry to make life amazing. Depression, anxiety, fear, shyness, disempowerment, overwhelm, confusion, helplessness and hopelessness can end when we change the underlying causes.

Paradigm Shifts:
1. Pain is normal and even necessary. However, pain confronted with a subconscious full of faith and strength turns to triumph and victory. Pain, even emotional pain, no matter the source, does not mean there is something wrong with me at the core. Pain can be turned to joy.
2. The essential me is perfect, innocent, and perfectly loving. Suffering comes when I interpret the pain fearfully, judge myself unworthy, or forget my essential self.

About Nicholas Hundley, MS, CNS

Nicholas Hundley is a nutritional biochemist and certified nutrition specialist. He is the main author here at MindWhale.com. He practices nutrition and can be found at NicholasHundley.com

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