Podcast Interview with Kylene Terhune

Kylene Terhune, creator of The Tiny Fit Diva podcast, graciously invited me to interview on her show.  Kylene is a nutritionist and health expert specializing in women’s health among other things. Read more about her at thetinyfitdiva.com.

In the show, we talk about children’s mental health, identifying food sensitivities in children, and more.

Read more and listen to the podcast here: https://www.thetinyfitdiva.com/thetinyfitdiva/podcast/2018/9/2/brain-health-in-children-with-nick-hundley-ep-032

About Nicholas Hundley, MS, CNS

Nicholas Hundley is a nutritional biochemist and certified nutrition specialist. He is the main author here at MindWhale.com. He practices nutrition and can be found at NicholasHundley.com

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