My Undemonstrative Mood This Morning

On the floor where I work, there happens to be a very social, lively, energetic woman who is constantly smiling and loves conversation. We’ve developed a friendship—on Facebook even ;)—and for the most part I have been successful at mirroring the energy back when we talk. She is fun to talk to and I admire her confidence and self-assurance.

We share a similar commute on public transit, and this morning we happened to be at the same bus stop at the transfer. We talked on the bus ride in to work. She had her usual sociable nature (as always), which I tried (rather unsuccessfully) to mirror back to her. But I felt as if I didn’t have the energy to even lift my facial muscles to form an expression. Not that I was feeling much emotion at the time, anyway. The conversation lagged as I languidly searched for something interesting to say.

I Have Not Been One to Show Emotion

While it’s probably normal for everyone to experience periods of blasé, I have always had a taciturn and undemonstrative temperament.

During times of blasé, my motivation is down, excitement is down, and I find it difficult to enjoy life.

Lack of Tyrosine and My Current Taciturnity

I have recently missed a few days’ dosages of tyrosine, and I am pretty sure this is the cause of my recent undemonstrative and passive mood. Although I have experienced emotional numbness quite a bit in the past, I have been doing great lately, due to my recent discovery of tyrosine as a nutritional supplement.

But Having Company Around Lifts My Mood

When I actually got to work, my mood improved. There was recently a new hire who now works with me, and I have seen how just being with someone has increased my job satisfaction and productivity. Before the new hire, I was working alone with little human interaction. It was depressing and difficult to maintain motivation.

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