How Tyrosine Affects My Moods

Through reading The Mood Cure by Julia Ross several months ago, I have found L-tyrosine supplementation to greatly increase my confidence, talkativeness, assertiveness, and sense of well-being. I think it has decreased my propensity for low moods, decreased depression, and decreased my anxiety.

I have been taking L-tyrosine for several months now with very good results. Interestingly, though, if I get too much tyrosine I can get overly excited, anxious (the jittery type—not the fearful, sulky type—and without rebound depression) and can become more aggressive. Therefore, I have cut my dosage down from 500mg daily to a maintenance dose of 250mg daily without the negative side effects but with all the positive effects. Because tyrosine is a food compound, the body is able to use as much or as little as it needs without the risk associated with psychiatric drugs.  I couldn’t be more happy with it.

Because of the large variety of causes for depression, tyrosine may or may not be helpful for some people. For certain people it may even make things worse. Just because I happen to do well on it doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone.

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