How to Get Over Stress and Depression?

I’m pretty depressed this morning.  Last night I was continuing work on a long home improvement project I have invested a lot of time in, and noticed that the work I had spent all night staying up for may have been done wrong, and I might have to rip everything out and do it over again.  I didn’t want to do this twice.

And I was not happy.

In contrast to my stress-filled reaction, my wife was optimistic, as she usually is, and just said, “it’s okay.  If there are cosmetic problems later then we’ll fix them.” She was right; the problem was merely cosmetic.  But I was boiling inside.  Her optimism was admirable, but at the same time a little unnerving.

With time, however, the optimism rubbed off on me, and I got over my anger.  Slightly.  Now I see that her viewpoint was much more rational and definitely less stressful.  Little wonder she isn’t prone to depression like I am!

Still, this morning I woke up depressed and dejected.

What do you do when you feel this way?  How do you get over stress and depression caused by a stressful event?  Trying to ignore my feelings doesn’t work (it just bottles them up even more), but I want to get over the stress.  Writing this has been therapeutic, and I’m going easy on myself and taking a step back to recuperate.

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