Autism Webinar

Natural solutions for improving mood, focus, socialization, and behavior

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What You'll Learn

How to improve:

  • Happiness and functioning of your autistic child/adult
  • Sleep habits and routine
  • Attention abilities
  • Social awareness and feeling
  • Mood
  • Picky eating
  • Stimming
  • and more

Dispel common myths:

  • that autism is purely genetic
  • that you can't improve brain function in an autistic people
  • that psychiatric drugs are often helpful in autism
  • that your child will never improve
  • That nutrition doesn't affect autistic traits

The information in this webinar applies to both children and adults with autism

Meet the Presenter

Nicholas Hundley, MS CNS

Nutrition expert and autism specialist

Nicholas Hundley, MS, CNS, is the director and founder of The MindWhale Clinic in Salt Lake City, Utah. He specializes in mental health nutrition, helping clients with a wide range of mental disorders to recover and live happy, productive, meaningful lives. In contrast to the traditional psychiatric healthcare model, Nicholas identifies and treats the root causes of brain health imbalances for genuine and lasting transformation.

Nicholas has a master's degree in biochemistry and has studied extensively the chemistry of autistic brains. He worked for several years in medical laboratory research. Since his transition to the clinic, he has translated his knowledge of brain and body chemistry to helping individuals overcome lifelong challenges they didn't know they could overcome.

What others are saying...

"​Already Eric has improved, he is a lot calmer and sleeps better at night. Our family life is happier thanks to MindWhale."

Wyn Hofeling, Holladay UT

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