An Act of Kindness: Barber Goes the Extra Mile to Give a Haircut to a Boy with Autism

Barber AutismHaircutting is not just a job for a 26-year old barber James William. Just recently, he did it for his own passion and with a purpose. For three months Williams was having a hard time convincing a young boy to have his haircut. This boy would often run away whenever he tried to cut his hair.

This 3-year old boy is Mason, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. According to his parents, James Lewis and Denine Davies, they often go to Jim the Trim’s Barbershop where Williams is working. And whenever they try to bring Mason for his haircut he always ran away in fear.

Originally, Williams was challenged by the situation.  He decided to think of a new way to convince Mason to have his haircut done. On Tuesday, he tried a new tactic in which he really accommodated Mason.

Williams noticed that Mason loved to just lie on the floor and play with his dad’s cell phone, so he decided to just crouch on the floor with the young boy and trim his hair. After a few minutes Williams realized that Mason was happy and cooperative.

After the haircut, Mason rewarded Williams with a big tight hug showing how happy he was with their first successful haircut session.  Williams expressed how happy he was via Facebook. He stated that a simple act of kindness can touch someone’s life and it can give hope to stay positive in this world.

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