The Causes of Mental Illness

Autumn was a young woman horrified by her extreme mood swings. One week she was an abusive, manic, high-and-mighty playgirl and the next she was a depressed, moaning, suicidal zombie. After years of struggle, she feared she would follow in the footsteps of her mother, who had the same patterns and eventually took her own life. Miraculously, she found specific mineral nutrients that stabilized her mood and returned her to a normal, happy, productive life. Where the pharmaceutical drugs had left her lifeless and senseless, the mineral blend left her personality not only intact but thriving.

Kevin was a middle-aged scientist who had suffered with anxiety, depression, and low self esteem his whole life. But now, despite a high lifelong career productivity, he wasn’t even able to focus at work or get things done. His career was in trouble. He contemplated suicide. None of the drugs prescribed to him worked. But then, his doctor found a genetic weakness and recommended a simple metabolite called methylfolate to help his brain manufacture neurotransmitters. The supplement rapidly changed his life. His productivity and mood rapidly improved and he felt like he did 40 years earlier. What’s more, he found that if he simply ate enough foods containing methylfolate every day, he could get the benefit without even taking the supplement.

Your brain is an organ just like other organs in your body. And just like other organs, the brain can be healthy or it can be unhealthy. It needs nutrients, reduced inflammation, and appropriate hormone levels in order for you to feel happy, energized, motivated, confident, focused, and effective. Depending on the particular details, your lack of brain health can manifest as depression, anxiety, autism, ADD, fatigue, bipolar, schizophrenia, as well as brain fog, low mood, hyperactivity, and more.

The problem with our current westernized health care system is that we assume there are only two primary causes of mental illness (genes and psychological trauma) and two viable solutions for them (drugs and talk therapy). Both of these assumptions are false. While genes and stressful life events (trauma) ARE major causes of mental illness, they certainly are not the only causes or contributors. Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, drugs and talk therapy are not the only primary solutions to mental illness to consider.

While drugs can be helpful, they don’t address the root cause of brain chemistry imbalances or poor brain health.

Talk therapy can be wonderfully effective for most conditions. However, therapy depends on a healthy brain that is able to change and transform. Without a foundation of brain health, therapy is less effective at best, and completely ineffective at worst. The best results are obtained when both brain health and thought patterns are addressed appropriately.

When visited by a patient for low mood or anxiety, for example, most doctors will simply ask you a few questions about your mood to get a Yes/No answer as to whether you are a candidate for antidepressant drugs. Then, the doctor will (often randomly) pick a drug to try and see how it works. Then, if you’re not responding, you’ll try another drug, and so on and so on. Talk therapy may or may not be recommended.

What’s more, everybody has their own unique genetic background and brain health history. What worked for Autumn or Kevin won’t work for everyone, and vice versa. There are a million ways brain health can be thrown out of balance, so a personalized approach is needed.

The good news is that now you have the tools to assess and improve your brain health.

With advances in technology, there are now some very powerful yet little-known ways to assess your brain health for better function and emotional wellness. We use scientifically validated assessments and tests to evaluate your particular needs and address the root cause of mental illness. While there can be any number of different causes for mental illness, a few of the most important factors we assess are genetics, family history, essential nutrients, food sensitivities, stress level, gut health, diet, behavioral symptoms, and more.

Our goal is for you to have the amazing transformations experiences that Kevin and Autumn had.

Get to the bottom of your brain health today and start your journey for the life you’ve always wanted. Read the articles, sign up for our newsletter, attend an upcoming webinar, and more. We look forward to assisting you.