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and overcome mental health conditions such as:

How to Help

How to Help

How to Help

How to Help

How to Help

Brain Fatigue

How to Help

How We Help

The MindWhale Clinic is an online, virtual Functional Medicine clinic providing functional health assessments and individualized functional wellness programs. When you meet with us, we get a detailed view of your situation and struggles. Then, we recommend further testing to find the root causes of your brain health struggles, including hormone testing, Organic Acids Testing, blood minerals, inflammation markers, toxic load, immune status, and more.

After finding the root causes of your concerns, we create a healing roadmap and walk you by the hand through implementation. The healing roadmap includes targeted supplementation for brain and body health, personalized nutrition recommendations and training, and the Brain Health Course. The Brain Health Course accelerates your learning of important lifestyle concepts and makes implementation much easier.

Poor brain health is the single biggest contributing factor to mood problems such as depression, fears, lack of focus, autism, ADHD, anger, etc. At MindWhale, we get to the root of the problem and help you heal your life.

People who work with us get improved mood, energy, focus, social skills, verbal fluency, peace, happiness, and confidence. The results can be life changing.

From here, you can:

The Root Causes of Mental Illness

The brain is an organ, just like the heart; and just as the heart struggles when it's not healthy, so does the brain when it's not healthy. Your brain health determines the quality of your emotions, your energy, life satisfaction, and overall success and functioning. Optimizing brain health is key to enjoyment and life satisfaction. A healthy brain is the foundational first step not only in mental health, but also in mental reprogramming and emotional wellness. 

The Causes of Mental Illness
Autumn was a young woman horrified by her extreme mood swings. One week she was an abusive, manic, high-and-mighty playgirl[...]

Free Webinar

Learn the causes of mental illness, how to know if poor brain health is affecting you, and what you can do to heal your life.

Brain Health Quiz

The Brain Health quiz asks you several questions to determine the impact brain health is having on your emotional life.

My Own Mood Struggles

Nicholas Hundley, MS, CNS founded MindWhale because of his own struggles with anxiety, depression, and ADD.

Brain health is scientifically proven to be fundamental for correcting mood, behavior, and functioning problems in the following mental disorders:

And, regardless of mental health status, brain health affects the following aspects of everyone's life:

  • Mood
  • Social skills
  • Memory
  • Willpower
  • Motor function
  • Sleep quality
  • Mental energy
  • Mental focus
  • Productivity
  • Assertiveness
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Relationship satisfaction
  • And much, much more